Documentary design at !Flab

This is excerpt from the about page of the recent !Flab initiative developed to support the design and production of interactive nonfiction projects. I have highlighted aspects which tie in with my own thoughts on documentary design.

The world of documentary filmmaking is progressing fast forward. New digital platforms are rapidly expanding the possibilities for factual storytelling. Interaction becomes the essential key and your skills as a documentary film practitioner are subject to the rapid changing cross-disciplinary context. !Flab aims to facilitate that brand-new change. !Flab is a ground-breaking, innovative Creative Europe initiative and provides a series of three sandbox-labs designed to facilitate creative individuals with the production of successful, factual interactive stories. There are other training initiatives available, but they are either aimed at inspiring people, mentoring them, or at working on their IP. !Flab aspires to be a hands-on Lab rather than a series of inspirational events. It starts from the realisation that there is no clear methodology of work in interactive storytelling and that there needs to be a space for experimentation. It also keeps at its core the importance of merging design techniques with storytelling techniques – hence putting a big emphasis on audiences, testing and design problem solving techniques.

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