Inspiration for a short non-fiction work

The personal, digital, me-dia gadget realizes exactly this direction, holding us closer, traveling everywhere with us, and integrating us more thoroughly than before. And it shows little sign of stopping: new, wearable devices such as Google Glass and smartwatches threaten to extend this personal integration and our physiological and mental alienation. Thus the “gadjet” that originated as the aphasic expression of our mind, producing an alienation of our mouths as we struggled to find the words we wanted, ends with the integration and enclosure of our minds and the numbing and narcotization of our entire bodies.As Baudrillard suggests, and as Marrero demonstrates, this is a world of public “zombies” cast into an electromagnetic sleep (2003: 24).

The RISE of the GADGET and HYPERLUDIC ME-DIA by William Merrin p. 18

Baudrillard, Jean. 2003. Cool Memories IV, 1995–2000.Translated by Chris Turner. London: Verso.

A documentation of the zombies using stills or videos…

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