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From Dan Hill (City of Sound) blog. Studio reading to look in regards to teaching (quote form amazon book webpages):

Superstudio: The Middelburg Lectures

Superstudio, and one of its founding members Adolfo Natalini, triggers great nostalgia among modern architecture students. This book, with essays by Natalini, Peter Lang, Hans Ibelings, and Hilde Heynen, situates Superstudio in the history of radical architecture. Yet what is radical architecture?

The Transdisciplinary Studio

If artists and designers continue to require a studio, shouldn t the way each of them mobilizes it be a component of any analysis of their practice.By grappling with four distinct examples of transdisciplinary,studio models sculptor Jorge Pardo, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, installation artist and sculptor Olafur Eliasson and design studio Abake, this softcover book delves into the life of these studios by engaging the artists, designers and staff that constitute them. These reflections are accompanied by interviews between the author and studio workers. A further series of interviews with distinguished historians, critics, anthropologists, curators, artists and designers analyzes how their work has informed the transdisciplinary studio model that is now at the forefront of creative practice.

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