Thumbnail making

VLC snapshot(courtesy of Ren)
1. Change preference setting. Preferences > Video > scroll and change file type to .jpg – nominate a folder on your desktop to send the snap shot to…
2. Snapshot a thumbnail. Navigate to frame in video. Menu > Video > Snapshot.
3. Resize and compress in PhotoShop if required.

Selecting a frame in video file
Shift Apple 4
Resize in photoshop/gimp

Vimeo Thumbnail
Dragging existing thumbnails on Vimeo to the desktop (.jpg file)
Thumbnails can be set or determined individually in Vimeo when uploading a video
Resize if required in photoshop/gimp

Video Editing – video stills
FCP – Export a frame as .jpg or tif.
Resize if required in photoshop/gimp

QuickTime 7
Open in QuickTime 7
Playhead to position for selected video frame
Edit > Copy
Open Photoshop
New – makes image size of video frame from paste board
Paste into PhotoShop
Export for web and resize

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