Research Project Workshop

Yesterday, I attended a ‘From question to project’ workshop held by the Non-fiction Research Group to develop a research question into a projects for research funding. This workshop was valuable to start putting in place the skills needed to write a proposal for potential ARC Linkage/Discovery and industry funding. Some brief notes:

A very clear statement – research question/aim
Clarity is crucial (avoid jargon)
Clear to the reviewer from the first page
What are you doing? – Research question/aim (The research question needs to be articulated in 100 words)
Why are you doing it? – Background
Where, how, who? – Approach and methodology
Is it achievable?
Are there enough resources?
Situate the research in one discipline – not across several
The significance can be used to simplify and focus the research question.

An outline structure to begin fleshing out a research project:



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Grass huts and Androids: preserving language and culture in New Guinea – recording languages in developing countries with mobile phones.

AHURI The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) is a national not-for-profit independent network organisation that funds, conducts, disseminates and tailors high quality research on: housing; homelessness; cities.

Dragons’ Den pitching to venture capitalists TV show

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