Spark Pikselin workshop

Notes from Brian Smith’s workshop (mainly directed at students):

Smith used keynote in the spark presentation to demonstrate interaction design. In this workshop he provided insights into using actions in keynote to create these moves and use it as a visualisation tool. Creating interfaces and mock ups working between photoshop and keynote.

Types of development:
Waterfall development – traditional way of developing software (pages of project planning and you meet milestones – requirement phase)

Agile development – backlog, sprint… Smith described this process as building the haystack from the inside out. This process is like taking it apart and building parts out of order. Interim release is used in parallel with this process with deadlines set for demonstrations very 2 weeks.

Smith was asked what sort of coding skills are needed for UXD? UXD Designers need advanced skills in HTML and CSS. Having this knowledge enables them to work with developers and understand what is required.

Smith was asked what qualities the company looks for when hiring young graduates? Smith stressed communication skills as being the biggest hiring point within a service orientated industry. A bit part of this is working on presentation skills – how you present ideas and designs. Also, writing is a necessity the ability to do
decent write-ups on what things are about.

Mock ups in photoshop to demonstrate the concepts. Keep it sketchy. Focus on pieces of it. No need to mock up the entire thing.

Photoshop – copy and paste layer styles
Used keynotes
Interactive effects built into keynote that mirror iphone actions
Rough sketchy – sketches in PS
Apple OS – history gyphs not the whole document can track back to; built at the file system level
A lot of IOS coming back into OSX – operating system development
Action scripting like flash
Page > appearance > colour fill
Actions on objects within the web page
Build in / out actions
Transfer to ppt – effects are an issue – transfer works better on mac compared to windows – export as movie file

Other notes:
There is some shift in web development towards the type of interaction moves.
NFR non-functional requirements – what browsers do you need to design for – tablets in this area..

iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display)
Glyphish pro – icons

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