Pikselin web development

Brian Smith from Shift presented on Pikselin today at Spark.

These are my notes/prespective on the presentation and workshop:

Summarised overview of User Experience Design (Semantic Studios overview) process:

Communication – visual design
Structure – information architecture
Manipulation – interaction design
User experience

(quotes) ‘the web is more than websites’ – it is ‘products, services, online tools’

Smith used the term ‘scope creep’ in regards to a project growing beyond the original intention and going off on tangents

‘Value creep’ – was used to refer to wanting to do things better – add value to a web design being explored by a client

Smith then went through the user experience design process that his company utilises:

Persona research
I was intriqued with the use of the term documentary to describe the approach taken towards researching users and developing ‘personas‘ as part of understanding their habits, the ‘channels’ they use, interact with – along with their viewpoint on the company, client (service) being developed…

Customer Journey Maps
This is process-mapping. From a UX blog:

Customer journey maps are documents that visually illustrate an individual customer’s needs, the series of interactions that are necessary to fulfill those needs, and the resulting emotional states a customer experiences throughout the process.

Information Architecture Drawing
Context, Content, Users venn diagram as an example.
Book reference: Jesse James Garrett, 2002 The Elements of User Experience, User-Centered Design for the Web, Peachpit Press

In the workshop later on Smith unpacked the use of ‘agile development’ processes – ‘lean development’

In the past Smith described websites as being simple and then demonstrated using overlapping diagrams ‘woven architectures – widgets left hand columns’ and ’emergent architectures’ that make websites more asynchronous.

Pikelsin use in the design process – post-it notes, cards, index cards – ‘card sorting’ – to work out all the different things that a site does and group ideas into themes…

App driven and sketched

User testing
Getting users in front of work and getting feedback

100% pure NZ – Described as a data filtering design and uses maps, split webpages
designing data filters
Meridian – mymeridan personalisation tool seeing power usage over time
metservice – live data
mobile applications
metservice app – wallpaper sets – add images from you camera wall personalisation of the app – able to personalise the wallpaper
tracking – how a release is going when it is made available – use metservice facebook page to get comments on the design
Spidertracks – ‘live flight tracking’ company Palmerston Nth plane communication device. GPS box ping back to website (spider tracks aviator find friends and see where they are flying)
Freewifi across the CBD – product design back end tool manage analytics, Cbd free app wellington – network provider
FarmIQ – system electronic tagging of animals – espatial/tron
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