Korsakow Workshop

This is an ongoing production cookbook for working with Korsakow.

Application Context

About Korsakow from korsakow.org
(Wikipedia)- Korsakow
What has it been designed to do?
What type of application is it?
How do you work with it?

The end of the unique history – overview of Korsakow march 14, 2012

Florian Thalhofer – Korsakow Software & non-linear storytelling from Matthieu on Vimeo.

In this skype interview (full HD quality ;), Florian Thalhofer tells more about his programme Korsakow. Free download and tutorials are available at http://korsakow.org/.

What type of workflow do you need to develop?
It is important to develop a systematic workflow and organise your k-fim project carefully. Workflow guide

Preparing media assets


The video files for Korsakow need to be compressed using the H.264 codec Because Korsakow compresses video file on export it is worth exploring different compression workflows. Potentially not compressing your video to much before it is put through Korsakow is worth experimenting with. In other words if the video is compressed to much then compressed again through Korsakow it may not look so good on playback.

Working with Vimeo is one option by letting Vimeo do the H.264 compression. Prepare and store video clips there beforehand. Downloads work differently on the old and new version of Vimeo. For the moment I am working with the smaller SD format rather than the larger file size HD version. The smaller file size option is provided in the download in the new Vimeo version of the website. But, it is worth exploring the full HD version and seeing which gives the best result.

Making Previews (thumbnails)

(wikipedia) thumbnails

For thumbnails in Korsakow you can have still images or use video. When you rollover a video preview it starts playing. The video could be designed differently from the clip it is previewing (i.e a short loop instead of the whole clip etc.) The frame size of these thumbnails is dependent on the interface design usually smaller than the size of the video clip it previews. Tip – Because there may be a number of previews up at one time, make sure they all small, similar file sizes for streaming nicely.

There is a few ways to do this. The idea is to navigate to a frame and capture that frame as still that can be used as a preview file that is clicked to download a video file. This happens in QuickTime. The latest version of QuickTime is version v!0.x) which comes with the Mac OS X v10.6. The jump from the previous Version 7x demonstrates some significant changes.

In QuickTime 7 which can be downloaded and added to your utilities folder is as follows:
In QT navigate the playhead to a frame.
Menu bar > edit > copy
The frame is captured to size int he clipboard.
Open Photoshop
Menu Bar > File > New > OK > Edit > Paste
Go to Image Size – change the size to a smaller image that works with your design in korsakow
(i.e 30 x 180 frame size)
Save for Web – make the file size nice and small for streaming in your k-film

QuickTime 10 process from Daniel Daly:
(This only works Lion OSX 10.73)
1. Open the video file in quicktime and move the playhead to the frame
you wish to capture.
2. Press Command(Apple) + C.
3. Open the program Preview
4. Under the File heading select New from Clipboard
5. Save the file.

Thumbnails Vimeo (Mike) – using Vimeo jpg thumbnails. (From his blog with some modifications):

1. Go to your Vimeo, hit videos, right click on a thumbnail and go to “Copy Image URL” or the equivalant on your browser.
2. Paste it into your URL box; example: https://secure-b.vimeocdn.com/ts/270/527/270527903_295.jpg
3. The end of the file name is the size, change 295 (or 100, depending where you’ve copied the URL from) to 640.
my addition – 4. right click on the image and > ‘save image as’ to desktop.

Screen Capture thumbnails: (differs for Lion)
Command(Apple) Shift 4
Captures a .png
File save as .jpg

Making Snus:

Tip- Try setting the lives to ‘unlimited’ to get the hang of your first drafts and export tests. Then change the lives as the work takes shape.

Interface design:

You can add images to the background and re-arrange the interface. This all happens inside the interface file which you double click to open.

Insert text:

This happens in the interface if you want the text to appear outside the video. You drag insert text into your interface design. NB – If you put text in the preview text window in the snu area it will appear on the thumbnails.

(Adrian Miles has written some extensive support notes for students)
Here is a bunch of recorded tips and tricks for when things go wrong.
Things observed and learnt
Interface design notes
Notes on structure
Thinking Korsakow
Adrian’s 22 minute screencast of making a work
FAQ complied list

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