A blogged exegesis

Had a thought the other night. I am writing in Scrivener. In the binder I write a title for each paragraph and each paragraph lives on its own. They can easily be moved around as separate paragraphs. When the writing is printed each title is in bold above each paragraph. This reminds me of the annotation that occurred using the Videodefunct system which uses the back-end of blog. Each shot has a title.

What would happen if this annotation applied to each paragraph is left in the final printed hardcopy exegesis?
What if, this annotation is used to create a blogged exegesis?

I set out with this application, Scrivener, to develop my writing practice similarly to the way I work with video in this research. Each paragraph is treated like a shot. One issue is the tendency to still write ideas, an argument from one paragraph to another. This makes it difficult to treat each paragraph as a separate idea – self-contained like a video shot.

The key here is to remember that they are different formats, that have different properties. For example, Miles talks about shots being able to be broken up easily into multiple parts compared to a sentence that is tied together with grammar. The formats have different properties.

But, can I write those paragraphs to be more self-contained? – i.e. not reliant as much on a group of paragraphs discussing an argument in a particular chronological/linear order. How will annotating help within the blog structure? Using the idea of blog titles, categories and tags to create an informal taxonomy, by annotating each paragraph. This means through the use of annotation and links these paragraphs as individual parts can be made to sit closer together in types of clouds. Even though they are not in a fixed linear order the user will have access to associated paragraphs related to the one that is chosen.

The paragraphs can be written around a theme or topic – i.e quality, immediacy etc – they are written to be self-contained and then are grouped together around that topic. This is happening in the case study approach to a degree.

If time allows I will look into this blog version and also aim to produce a written exegesis that includes the text annotation. One issue is I am not writing in the blogging software.

This reminds me of the writing in the book:

Shaviro, Steven. 2003. Connected, or, What it means to live in the network society, Electronic mediations ; v. 9. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

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