Chunky moves

In regards to what we have called the chunky moves task, which is related to an excerpt ‘Chunks, moves and choreography’ from the chapter ‘Choreographing the dissertation’ in the book. I got the book out and got some context around the excerpt in regards to the chapter and book itself. I found the chosen extract and book really useful. In specific relation to the extract I did just kind of list out my exegesis structure with not a lot of consideration towards the argument. This extract changed my approach towards defining the structure.

Particularly in regards to the idea of ‘flow’ presented in the extract. Looking at example in the chapter, I drafted out in a pseudo conversational tone (a mapping of the moves in the argument in reference to the text). A major point that emerged straight away is connecting the argument all the way through the exegesis across chapters. Approaching the structure from this perspective I found to be much more interesting and engaging than writing a simple chapter structure. It is certainly a lot harder.

Reading on to the section on ‘Finessing the argumentative text’ I learnt a lot from the idea of making sure interesting material is built into the exegesis/thesis up front. This is not holding the good stuff until to late into the exegesis as a whole. It even got me brainstorming ideas – like how the research is summarised in the section that lets the reader know what is coming – or even writing a shorter type version of the exegesis (a type of summary of the argument and projects) that is expanded on in the main body of the exegesis. Almost like a succinct presentation of the research in advance. This brainstorming pushed me to even consider other structures apart from the one I have planned to do all along as a way of testing that structure. But, also this started to get confusing as much as it was helpful so I went back to sticking with the structure I started with.

Kamler, B & Thomson, P 2006, Helping doctoral students write pedagogies for supervision, Taylor & Francis Ltd, Hoboken. (extract ‘Chunks, moves and choreography’ p 90-94)

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