video tags, firefox and OGG

A while ago Jay sent across some information on HTML 5 which has functionality to include a video tag. – W3 HTML 5 video overview He talked about testing Firefox 3.1 which has video tagging and embedding built in – 3.1 is still in beta.

Using audio and video in Firefox supports ogg and wav for the moment. All looks early days still as many attributes do not seem to be supported yet. But, other tests seem to be appearing around the fringes to get this moving.

I am fishing for more information to bring this together with this post ending up being a bunch of links and me needing more information from people immersed in this stuff.

Before GL turned up in Melbourne awhile ago for the mc workshop there was some excitement from about firefox supporting OGG Theora (opens source video format) which hit the video vortex list. On the videoblogging list Michael Verdi’s test with OGG on Firefox, a video screencast even. Upcoming presentation by Chris Blizzard on behalf of Mozilla at the open video conference in NY June 19-20. and a welcome and informative why open video? post by Blizzard (Jan 26, 2009)

There’s one exception to this: video on the web. Although videos are available on the web via sites like youtube, they don’t share the same democratized characteristics that have made the web vibrant and distributed.

Mozilla and Wikimedia Join Forces to Support Open Video

In Support of Open Video

Why open video matters, and what we are trying to do about it

another fantastic open video demo

In this video screencast demo on OGG in firefox the HTML 5 canvas function is revealed…no flash or QT “the user can interact with the webpage while the video is being displayed” April 15, 2009. This is out there and potentially opens up what has been sort after for sometime in earlier hypervideo research – dynamic access to points within the video while it is playing.

other links:
original demo link – Making video a first class citizen of the Web
transparency camp – open video comments
video category – Chris Blizzard

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