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Throught twitter I came across Trebor’s lecture on social media which got me thinking about lots of things as I browsed through the slides.

Trebor’s blip video lecture – Embedding Social Media in the Liberal Arts Classroom

Trebor on slideshare

Notes as I browsed the slides (generally in the order as they where presented)


A Twitter poetry slam that may tie in with the PP2 studio APC project, PROD.
lulu – self publishing

Student video journalism africa trip competition. Includes essay with video clip and use of YouTube.

Video essays on YouTube UC Irvine Liz Losh course YouTube on YouTube
Is An “Academic Blog” An Oxymoron? – Liz Losh – part one
Liz Losh’s blog virtualpolitik
Liz’s Digital Rhetoric website
Amusing – 22 short films about Grammar

sharewidely “Sharewidely supports collaborative research in the area of new media art and education.”
Screenflow – looks like one up on iShowU (need to check it out and compare)
Stanford University open hours office on facebook – an open office time made available on facebook for students to drop by and chat.
Seesmic used for video discussions of readings
Trebor on a place to provide readings, reviews etc for students and researchers.
Social Media Classroom
Zoho creator – for “reading and sharing a large number of articles” – includes summaries from students as a collection on a particular reading or readings
A reference for the LP project.
Google Lit Trips

This site is an experiment in teaching great literature in a very different way. Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place…

tweetgrid – real-time updating dashboard of tweets

authors @ google and YouTube mix

netvibes use as a way to bring all education together into one customised interface – browser window.

mogulus video live streaming used for archiving university lectures

Oxford Internet Institute: webcast

Here you will find webcasts of the Internet pioneers, scholars and regulators who have spoken at the Oxford Internet Institute, covering areas such as: social media, internet regulation, safety and security online, e-government and democracy, civil society, open access, e-learning, citizen journalism, and the future of the Internet itself. used to videocast lectures – Trebor’s blip channel

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