practice-based and practice-led research

The Creativity and Cognition studios (@ UTS) write about what they see as the differences between practice-based and practice-led research. From the summary:

If a creative artefact is the basis of the contribution to knowledge, the research is practice-based

If the research leads primarily to new understandings about practice, it is practice-led.

expanded overview

Three key areas to consider in practice-related research referenced by C&C studios from the UK, the Arts and Humanities Research Board (now Council) (AHRB, 2000 ):

1. It must define a series of research questions or problems that will be addressed in the course of the research. It must also define its objectives in terms of seeking to enhance knowledge and understanding relating to the questions or problems to be addressed.

2. It must specify a research context for the questions or problems to be addressed. It must specify why it is important that these particular questions or problems should be addressed, what other research is being or has been conducted in this area and what particular contribution this project will make to the advancement of creativity, insights, knowledge and understanding in this area.

3. It must specify the research methods for addressing and answering the research questions or problems. In the course of the research project, how to seek to answer the questions, or advance available knowledge and understanding of the problems must be shown. It should also explain the rationale for the chosen research methods and why they provide the most appropriate means by which to answer the research questions.

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