Audiovisual media across disciplines

Audiovisual media across disciplines Critical Media Practice – The Graduate School in Arts and Sciences offers a Secondary Field degree in Critical Media Practice (CMP) for PhD This concept of audiovisual media practice being taught across disciplines is useful. From the overview “In areas across the disciplinary map — from Anthropology to Science Studies, from Sociology, Psychology, Read more about Audiovisual media across disciplines[…]

Video Tagger

This collaborative project the Wiradjuri Digital Platform (which in its current form we refer to as the ‘tagger platform’) – I have been working on with RMIT colleagues Yoko Akama and Peter West here at RMIT, and with Chris Marmo and Reuben Stanton at Papergiant a industry Design, Research & Strategy Studio, since late last Read more about Video Tagger[…]

Nonfiction Design studio

I have just completed a rollercoaster studio ride with the Nonfiction Design studio, a collaboration between Communication Design and Media students. After this experience I am (well and truly) hooked into the integration of design methodologies and methods into professional media production as part of working out how documentary practices can be applied to different Read more about Nonfiction Design studio[…]

Design of World Machines

Going to this workshop ‘The Design of World Machines: Sharing, Caring and Global Technologies’ tomorrow here at RMIT. I like the concept it will be interesting to see what it is all about in the flesh. Text from the RMIT callout. A previous article “World Machines”: Discourse, Design and Global Technologies for Greater-than-self Issues” with Read more about Design of World Machines[…]

Documentary Design Studio

I am putting forward a Documentary Design Studio in the media undergraduate program today, which will involve working in an external collaboration, using Korsakow. The studio will be forming a partnership with an art gallery, and we will be collaborating with an award winning photographer/videographer, and youth theatre group – on the repurposing of a Read more about Documentary Design Studio[…]

Docuverse – Complexity

The notion of “complexity” has been coming up lately across i-doc presentations I have been attending. I am looking forward to this masterclass by Judith Aston from the UK. Overview of Judith Aston masterclass from the non/fictionLAB blog post Docuverse presents Snapshots 2: A talk by Judith Aston (written by Hannah Brasier): Judith’s talk will Read more about Docuverse – Complexity[…]